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Easter BBQ – Cactus Park

Happy Easter, from our family to yours! He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. - Matthew 28:6 The Easter BBQ is a tradition in Jake's family. Every year after church, we all get together to cook hamburgers and hot dogs and hang out. The kids hunt Easter eggs (even our two are… Continue reading Easter BBQ – Cactus Park

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Evening in the Desert – 18 Rd

We visited the desert off 18 rd a few nights ago. The foothills area to the north of the Grand Valley is mostly BLM, and we like to take the quick drive out there in the evenings. This post would be titled "Walk in the Desert" except we didn't get to walk. This year, there… Continue reading Evening in the Desert – 18 Rd

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Evening Walk – Grand Valley Audubon Ela Wildlife Sanctuary

We took a walk around the Birding for Everyone Trail in Grand Valley Audubon's Ela Wildlife Sanctuary a couple weeks ago. It's a great place to watch for birds. This time we saw a Northern Flicker, a Belted Kingfisher, several Red-winged Blackbirds, and the usual geese and ducks. Last year we were lucky enough to… Continue reading Evening Walk – Grand Valley Audubon Ela Wildlife Sanctuary

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Hiking Devil’s Canyon – D4 Trail

We were able to take advantage of another beautiful spring day. Because we thought we would be attending a book fair in Tucson this weekend, Jake took four days off. The book fair didn't work out, but we are grateful for the together time nonetheless. We grabbed a picnic lunch at Subway, and then we headed toward… Continue reading Hiking Devil’s Canyon – D4 Trail

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Hiking Dinosaur Hill-Fruita, Colorado

The weather is amazing today! Right now it's seventy degrees and sunny. Absolutely perfect. After lunch, Weston wanted to walk Dinosaur Hill, a hike we've been meaning to do but haven't gotten to yet because dogs aren't allowed on the trail. Armed with our nature journals, we drove to the trailhead. Here are some pictures… Continue reading Hiking Dinosaur Hill-Fruita, Colorado

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Fishing Vega Reservoir

We took a break from the camper remodel (more like camper destruction at this point) to go fishing with my dad. As I've mentioned before, my family built a cabin at Vega Reservoir when I was growing up, and going up there is like going home. Sadly, we sold the cabin when I was seventeen,… Continue reading Fishing Vega Reservoir

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Telluride Day Trip

Here are the pictures we took in Telluride, as promised. Better late than never, right! Even though we only live a few hours away, this is the first time I've ever been there. It's gorgeous, and the town is super cute. We only had about fifteen minutes to look around, but we'll be back. We… Continue reading Telluride Day Trip

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Spotted: Swainson’s Hawk

We'd never seen this particular type of hawk before, and it took us quite a bit of research to figure out what they were. In person, they were a velvety, chocolate brown. Both of them were just gorgeous. Spotted: Swainson's Hawk State: Colorado County: Moffat Area: In the agricultural area not far from Black Mountain

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Scouting out the North Fruita Desert Campground

After Jake got home last night, we took a drive up to the North Fruita Desert Campground to look around. We literally live three miles away, in the agricultural area, and we had no idea it was there. Jake even grew up in Fruita, spent a lot of time in the desert, but he'd never… Continue reading Scouting out the North Fruita Desert Campground

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Spotted: Red-tailed Hawk & Common Sagebrush Lizard (Mesa County)

I'm not the world's best wildlife photographer. In fact, I'm pretty awful. I tend to gawk at the critter instead of snapping a selfie with it. I am, however, going to try to become better at it for the sake of the blog. I'd like to start an animal category, and also list the state/county/area… Continue reading Spotted: Red-tailed Hawk & Common Sagebrush Lizard (Mesa County)