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Our Top 5 (Kinda Frivolous) Camping Accessories

Camping's all about roughing it, right? Not always. Sometimes it's the unnecessary extras that make a trip into the woods extra pleasant. None of the following items are necessary. You can totally do without them. (But you won't want to after you've tried them out.) *We are not sponsored by any of the following products, but this post does… Continue reading Our Top 5 (Kinda Frivolous) Camping Accessories

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Pickup Camper Renovation – Update

I know a few of you are wondering what happened to the 1984 Six-pac pickup camper we bought last summer. No, we didn't give up on it. Yes, it ended up being a much larger project than we anticipated. We had to put the camper on hold late last summer when we decided to buy… Continue reading Pickup Camper Renovation – Update

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Camper Remodel: The Beginning

It's been quiet around here lately because we've been busy with our camper remodel. Wow--it's turned into quite a project! If you'll remember, we bought a 1984 Six-Pac pickup camper a few weeks ago. I knew we were going to update it (paint, new cushions, and so on), but I had no idea we were… Continue reading Camper Remodel: The Beginning