Scouting out the North Fruita Desert Campground

After Jake got home last night, we took a drive up to the North Fruita Desert Campground to look around. We literally live three miles away, in the agricultural area, and we had no idea it was there. Jake even grew up in Fruita, spent a lot of time in the desert, but he’d never…

Meet Gunther – Bunny Trail’s Official Mascot

Gunther (we pronounce it Goon-ther) is our two-year-old smooth-coat St. Bernard. He’s the laziest thing, and if the temperature rises above eighty degrees, he’d rather nap than hike. Still, he’s our lazy dog, and we love him to pieces. Today, I’m going to answer a few common questions we get when we’re out and about…

Spotted: Red-tailed Hawk & Common Sagebrush Lizard (Mesa County)

I’m not the world’s best wildlife photographer. In fact, I’m pretty awful. I tend to gawk at the critter instead of snapping a selfie with it. I am, however, going to try to become better at it for the sake of the blog. I’d like to start an animal category, and also list the state/county/area…

Check Out a Colorado Park Pass from the Library!

I’m a fan of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, but this new program is just amazing. Starting June 20th, each participating library will have two Colorado Park Passes available to borrow.     The pass comes with a backpack full of goodies like binoculars and field guides, and it’s valid for seven days. If you don’t…

Seventy Degrees & Hiking in Snow

A few weekends ago we decided to take a day trip up to the Mesa to avoid the heat of town. It was a gorgeous seventy degrees–the perfect temperature for a picnic. After lunch, we started down a trail only to be stopped a quarter mile in by an abundance of snow.

Just Another Use for Parachute Cord

This last weekend, we managed to leave the house without any extra hair ties. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but Chelsea’s hair band snapped on day two of our four-day camping trip.

Elkhead State Park Swim Beach

This last weekend, we camped at Elkhead State Park. The kids adored the swim beach. There’s plenty of soft sand, and the rangers must rake it often because it was free of sharp rocks and debris.

Checking out Freeman Reservoir

We planned to hike the Black Mountain trail on Saturday while we were staying at Elkhead State park (near Craig, CO)

.Unfortunately, Gunther was feeling mopey, and there’s nothing slows you down faster than a St. Bernard who has travel-induced stomach trouble.

Redstone Coke Ovens

Redstone, Colorado is gorgeous. The mountains are huge, the waterfalls are plentiful, and there are pine trees galore.

There are also coke ovens from a mining era long past. Aren’t they cool? According to, sixty-two of these ovens have been partially rebuilt. In the early nineteen-hundreds, the ovens were used to burn impurities from mined coal to make the coking cole that was used in the Pueblo stee