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Standard Day of Camping Prep

"Phase One" (the dinette/kitchen area) of our pickup camper remodel is almost complete! Jake's rewired the camper and installed all new LED lights. We've painted the walls and put in our new countertop. All that's left is trim and a few little odds and ends. But we're not worried about those this weekend--we're going camping!… Continue reading Standard Day of Camping Prep

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Our Top 5 (Kinda Frivolous) Camping Accessories

Camping's all about roughing it, right? Not always. Sometimes it's the unnecessary extras that make a trip into the woods extra pleasant. None of the following items are necessary. You can totally do without them. (But you won't want to after you've tried them out.) *We are not sponsored by any of the following products, but this post does… Continue reading Our Top 5 (Kinda Frivolous) Camping Accessories

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FREE Printable – Family Camping List

I don't know about you, but I need lists to stay organized. When Jake and I were first married, we tried to gather everything we needed from memory, and we always forgot something. Usually pillows. Ever slept in a sleeping bag without a pillow? Not pleasant. Anyway, I started keeping track of everything we needed,… Continue reading FREE Printable – Family Camping List