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To New Adventures

June 11, 2016: The day Jake and I decided we wanted to travel as a family, do more than just take weekend trips and an occasional week-long vacation.

February 24th, 2018: The day Jake quit his day job to work at home with me.

May 1st, 2018: The day we’re packing up our 25′ travel trailer and setting off on what I hope is the first of many, many extended adventures.

IMG_2358We started Bunny Trail to document our weekend camping trips–to remember the hikes and s’mores and that night the dog barked until dawn because he couldn’t sleep without his blanket. And though we dreamed of more than stolen weekends, of begging for time off and working around insane schedules, we had no idea we’d actually make it.

Our Bunny Trail posts have been sporadic. In the last few years, we’ve put our energy into getting to this point, into building a solid foundation we can rely on as we travel. IMG_2387The hours have been long, the weekends have been non-existent, and there were too many days Jake left for work before the kids got up–and came home long after they went to bed.

But we’re here.

I hope you’ll join us as we begin this new adventure.

– Shari



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