Standard Day of Camping Prep

“Phase One” (the dinette/kitchen area) of our pickup camper remodel is almost complete! Jake’s rewired the camper and installed all new LED lights. We’ve painted the walls and put in our new countertop. All that’s left is trim and a few little odds and ends. But we’re not worried about those this weekend–we’re going camping!

Tomorrow afternoon, we’re heading to Vega State Park, and I’m prepping for the camping trip today. The kids are still doing some school, and I’m going to attempt to add a thousand or so words on my current manuscript, but it’s a light day for our regular activities.

Here’s what I need to accomplish today:

  • Do laundry and pack clothes: Right now I have a few clothing odds and ends in the wash, but I also need to fluff sleeping bags and wash camper cushions covers. We had them in the over-the-cab area of the camper while we were working, but they still got a little dusty.
  • Clean the camper: It’s pretty clean right now. I just have to do one last go-through to get rid of any remaining work dust and wall smudges.
  • Make cookies: I already made a large batch of pumpkin chocolate swirl bread last night, but I promised the kids I’d make some “no bakes” and a batch of sugar cookies.
  • Go to the library: We need to pick up our audiobook for the trip, and I’m also going to check out a Colorado Park Pass if they have one available. We haven’t bought our annual for the year, and this is supposed to come with a backpack full of goodies. I thought the kids might have fun with it. You can read more about it in my post by clicking here.
  • Begin packing the camper: A lot of this will have to wait until tomorrow, but I can get quite a bit stashed away today. I’ll be using my usual camping list, but because we’ll have an electric hookup this time, I’m taking my Keurig instead of a French Press!
  • Go grocery shopping: Pretty self-explanatory.

It sounds like a lot, but I think it’s going to go fairly quickly. We’re excited to get out of here!

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  1. Zoby says:

    I really enjoy this blog! Thanks for sharing the Colorado State Parks and Wildlife info on their “Check Out State Parks” pass and backpack. What a neat idea! Hope you all have a really great camping trip!


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