Evening in the Desert – 18 Rd


We visited the desert off 18 rd a few nights ago. The foothills area to the north of the Grand Valley is mostly BLM, and we like to take the quick drive out there in the evenings. This post would be titled “Walk in the Desert” except we didn’t get to walk.

This year, there is an abundance of cows hanging out where we frequently park. Our dogs like cows. So much. No problem, we had leashes.

But there was a problem. You see, when Jake let Duncan out of the car, he was off and running…running like a shepsky can run. (Side note: What do you get when you mix a husky capable of running miles in harsh snow with a German Shepherd? A dog with no downy undercoat that can run for miles in warm weather.) He wanted those cows. And he was going to get them.

Jake ended up taking after him, but Duncan’s insanely fast. Long story short, it was kinda bad. But all ended well. Duncan came back, Jake got a lovely run in (ha ha – it really wasn’t lovely), and now we know Duncan must be leashed before exiting the car if there are cows anywhere within miles.

Even though we didn’t end up going for a walk that night, I was able to snap a quick picture on my iPhone on the way back home. There’s just something about the golden hour in the desert I love. I’ll be honest, most of the time I think the foothills are downright ugly. But I love them in the evening when the light is warm.



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