Hiking Devil’s Canyon – D4 Trail


We were able to take advantage of another beautiful spring day. Because we thought we would be attending a book fair in Tucson this weekend, Jake took four days off. The book fair didn’t work out, but we are grateful for the together time nonetheless.

We grabbed a picnic lunch at Subway, and then we headed toward the Devil’s Canyon trailhead. It’s only about five to ten minutes from Fruita’s dinosaur museum, and we hike there quite a bit.

Today, we took Weston’s favorite Devil’s Canyon hike, the D4 trail. Even though the parking lot was packed, and there were a lot of people on the main D1 trail, the D4 trail was pretty quiet (which is one of the reasons we like it).


The path takes you right up to the cliffs. For a few weeks in spring, this area of the desert will be green, grassy, and spectacular.  We were still a little early, but things are already starting to green up a bit.

As we often do when we hike Devil’s Canyon this time of year, we saw a rock wren. They have the prettiest songs (which you can listen to on their page on All About Birds), and it’s how we were able to identify it from a canyon wren since they’re kind of difficult to tell apart. I’m afraid I scared it away when I tried to get a closer picture.


There is an interesting old shelter built into the rock along the path, but there were teenagers climbing above it today, so we didn’t get a picture. We did, however, get to hear one of them yell, with their hands extended in the air, that they were “king of the world.” Weston rolled his eyes, and we continued on. 😉

The afternoon was pretty perfect. We’ll go back again soon, hopefully at the right time to catch the grass when it’s bright green.

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