Camper Remodel: The Beginning

It’s been quiet around here lately because we’ve been busy with our camper remodel. Wow–it’s turned into quite a project! If you’ll remember, we bought a 1984 Six-Pac pickup camper a few weeks ago. I knew we were going to update it (paint, new cushions, and so on), but I had no idea we were  going to basically gut the entire thing.

Jake ripped out the entire roof, leaving only the aluminum, and he’s now finished reframing it. A few of the walls had some water damage too, and he’s taken out wood in those spots.

All the appliances work, which is a blessing we are very grateful for, but they are temporarily living in the garage while we work on the inside. I had planned to paint all the cabinets while they were out, but it’s not looking like I will have time before our first camping trip. Which is Friday. Yep, this Friday.

That’s how we do things around here.

Anyway, I have the foam for the new cushions, and my stepmom just gave me three bolts of fabric to work with. Seriously awesome. I’m going to try slipcover style covers (with a pillow sham-like back instead of a zipper), and I’ll let you know how they turn out.

For the time being, we’re just trying to get it put back together so it’s livable for a weekend. We’ll make it pretty later. (Oh, and it will be pretty!)

To give you an idea of what we’re working with, here are some pictures from when Jake was just starting to rip stuff out (we’ve come a long way since these were taken, but I don’t have those ready for the blog yet).

As you can see, the camper is pretty dated, and there was a lot of damage hiding behind that paneling. All of the nasty wood and insulation is gone, but we still have to put up new insulation and paneling. I tossed the curtains, too. They weren’t bad, really. I think someone must have made them in the last few years. They just don’t go with what I have planned.

It’s classy, right? Ha! It will be, though. It will be.

But for now, we’re just trying to finish up the walls and roof before Friday…

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