Fishing Vega Reservoir

We took a break from the camper remodel (more like camper destruction at this point) to go fishing with my dad. As I’ve mentioned before, my family built a cabin at Vega Reservoir when I was growing up, and going up there is like going home. Sadly, we sold the cabin when I was seventeen, but Vega is still one of my favorite places.

The day ended up being beautiful with sunny skies, but the wind was horrible. The fishing wasn’t great, either, much to Weston’s disappointment. Poor kid has terrible luck with fishing.

Chelsea fished for a while, too, but she grows bored of it quickly, and she ended up wandering around with my dad’s sheltie and her Nana. (Gunther had to stay home this time because we rode up with my dad and stepmom).

We stayed most of the day on the north side of the lake, but toward evening, we moved over to the dam. Though the tree swallows put on quite a show, we never caught a single fish–never even saw one jump.

Still, it was fun, and we’ll definitely be back before the season is over.

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