Pickin’ Up the Camper

Well, we did it. We found a ’84 Six Pac pickup camper to remodel. It was located in Durango, which meant we had about a five-hour drive from where we’re at.

We were up at four and on the road by five. I was pretty proud of our kids. They were a lot more excited than I expected them to be that early in the morning.

Because I wanted to avoid Red Mountain due to construction right now, we ended up driving through Moab. It was drizzly all weekend, and it was lovely and rainy when we reached the town at about six-thirty.

The weather cleared up by the time we reached Durango. It took about an hour to load the camper due to a jack that didn’t want to work, but we were finally on the road again just after noon. Because we didn’t want to go home the same way we came, we went over Lizard Head on the way back. It clouded up again on the way and started to rain again, which was awesome because it kept the drive nice and cool.





I’ll post some pictures of Telluride tomorrow, which was absolutely stunning in this weather.

When we got home, we found some water damage, which we had expected with a camper that old. Because we’re eager beavers, we’ve decided to rip out all the old paneling and ceiling, replace all the insulation and damaged structure pieces. It’s a serious project. Insane, actually, but Jake’s loving it. I’ll post pictures when we’re done with the main living area.

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