Meet Gunther – Bunny Trail’s Official Mascot

Gunther (we pronounce it Goon-ther) is our two-year-old smooth-coat St. Bernard. He’s the laziest thing, and if the temperature rises above eighty degrees, he’d rather nap than hike.


Still, he’s our lazy dog, and we love him to pieces. Today, I’m going to answer a few common questions we get when we’re out and about with him.

  1. Do you have a saddle?!? No.
  2. Where’s his whiskey barrel? He’s a teetotaler.
  3. Why’s he so slender? First, he’s a smooth-coat so he doesn’t have all that fluff. Second, though his father was a massive, giant of a dog, his mother was a little more petite. Though he’s still pretty tall, he definitely took after his mom.
  4. Is he friendly? He’s a teddy bear. A big, hungry, drooling teddy bear.
  5. Speaking of that, does he drool? Yes…but not as much as others we’ve seen. It’s pretty bad after he gets a drink and when he’s excited. Or staring at a hamburger.
  6.  Is he a good hiker? Not particularly, but he’s great on the leash. Some days he’s more adventurous than others. He enjoys the mountains, and he loves playing in snow.
  7. Would he make a good jogging partner? No. No, no, no. Been there, tried that. Would other Saints? No idea.
  8. Does he like camping? Well, that depends on if we have his bed and if there’s room in the tent. If he’s outside, by himself…in the scary, scary dark…he will bark ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Coyotes are the evilest things ever, and he feels it’s his personal duty to keep them away. If he’s in the tent, with his fleecy blankie, he’s just fine.
  9. Do Saint Bernards make good pets? Well, that depends. Do you enjoy cleaning drool off the ceiling? If so, yes, they make good pets. No, but really–they are fabulous, sweet, goofy dogs. We’re fairly positive there will always be a St. Bernard in our lives.
  10. Does he eat a lot? About four cups a day. Not too bad, actually. A fifty-pound bag of dog food lasts us about a month. If we’re not watching, he will steal food off the table. We’ve learned to be very careful with what we leave out. Odd bit of trivia–he hates pickles. And I mean loathes them. Now before we get all kinds of comments about how dogs shouldn’t eat pickles: I know that. No, we don’t feed him people food except for eggs and raw carrots every once in a while, but the vet gave us the okay on those. And he might enjoy a very occasional hotdog–because he thinks they make life worth living.

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