Checking out Freeman Reservoir

We planned to hike the Black Mountain trail on Saturday while we were staying at Elkhead State park (near Craig, CO).Unfortunately, Gunther was feeling mopey, and nothing slows you down faster than a St. Bernard who has travel-induced stomach trouble.


He was doing better on Sunday, so we took the drive to scout it out for the next time we’re in the area. The trailhead is about twenty miles north of Craig, only fifteen miles south of the Wyoming border. The area is gorgeous. On the way up, we traveled through huge fields of mule’s ear. It grows well up at Vega Reservoir, where I practically grew up, but I’ve never seen it like this:


We found the trailhead but took a different short hike, just to see where it would lead. The path led to Freeman Reservoir, and we ended up hiking around the entire lake. While we were there, we checked out the campground. It has some great primitive-type sites, and we’ll definitely be back.


As you can see, Gunther was doing better. He even played in the water.


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